Bundle: Deluxe


This package includes:

  • Downloadable copy of “The 49 Professions of Joy”
  • Signed copy of “The 49 Professions of Joy”
  • Complete set of seven small batch essential oil blends
  • Complete set of seven chakra gem stones with box and purifying salt
  • Clear Quartz gemstone
  • Two handheld color therapy spheres
  • Free Gift: Downloadable copy of “Fitness Fundamentals”


For those who desire to recreate the class at home on multiple occasions, here is an upgraded collection of items we used in person. This bundle includes both a downloadable copy of the ebook version of “The 49 Professions of Joy,” as well as a signed copy of the paperback; a complete set of the essential oil blends; a complete set of full sized gem stones with a box and purifying salt; an eighth gem stone: Clear Quartz; and two handheld color therapy spheres. There is also a free downloadable copy of “Fitness Fundamentals,” a guide for creating your own wellness program.


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