Sahasrara is the chakra of spirituality and purpose.

Sahasrara: The chakra of spirit

Also called the Crown Chakra, this energy vortex is located at the top of your scalp. Something interesting here is the difference between the Ajña manifestation of literal knowing and the Sahasrara manifestation of “I KNOW.” Consider the difference between knowing in the mind versus knowing through the soul: I know that one day I will die, but I KNOW that it won’t be the end of my journey. The distinction is between knowing and accepting, or between seeing and believing. Once you accept something, you take it as a matter of fact from a position of faith. I SEE/I know the universe is infinite. Also, I KNOW/I believe the universe is infinite. When your Crown Chakra is healthy and aligned you will profess serenely. Realization, acceptance, teaching, and guidance channel your spirit out into the wider sense of Being.

When it is misaligned you block your true Self with foolishness, rejection, secretiveness, and selfishness. But is there too much energy causing you to supernova, or not enough energy causing you to collapse into a black hole?

The seventh cycle of The 49 Professions of Joy redefines how you manifest your ideals. Are you fulfilling your sense of morality? Have you considered your purpose?

Whereas with Ajña the focus is on gaining information and learning, Sahasrara shares by teaching and guiding. Balance here bequeaths wisdom absorbed during experience. Whereas Muladhara grounds you firmly in the physical, that secure base allows Sahasrara to draw you gracefully toward the divine.


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