Svadisthana is the chakra of emotions and the senses.

Svadisthana: The chakra of feeling

Also called the Sacral Chakra, this energy vortex is located between your pubic area and bellybutton. You have probably heard the phrase, “I just feel it in my gut.” That is where the intuitive concept “feels” appropriate, yes? When it is healthy and aligned you will trust and accept your senses. Various pleasures, like sensuality or sensorial enrichment, instinct, and fulfillment reside in your viscera.

When it is misaligned your perception of happiness is undermined. Various pains, numbness, shame, guilt, doubt, and hunger gurgle in an irritable bowel. But is there too much energy bloating it, or not enough energy starving it?

The second cycle of The 49 Professions of Joy redefines how you relish your physical, emotional, and spiritual  bodies. I want you to think beyond sex and romance here. Those are essential components of a healthy life; however, I am asking you to enjoy in proper measure the pleasures you indulge. Beyond physical senses, listen to your instinct. Release taboos that serve any unhelpful purpose, while maintaining your sense of decency,  kindness, and fairness.

It is common to learn shame about sex, physical appearance, and confidence. Explore your body by  yourself. Explore it with others, encouraging everyone involved to feel physical and emotional bliss. Be honest about what you can and cannot “improve” in your physical appearance: Grow where you can, accept where you cannot. Also recognize the difference between pride and arrogance: Pride is self love based on truth, and arrogance is self love based on fear.


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