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We’re gonna splash the chakras together during an immersive sensory experience!
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Reconnect with your forgotten power – The childlike pleasure & engaging delight of learning while playing.


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of Joy

J A C K   K I R V E N



In the meantime, here is a section of the soundscore that will be playing during the main movement flow.

My immersive chakra therapy events pile heaps of yummy information. They unfold like playful, interactive multimedia performances, rather than classes. They include improvised movement, gem stones, colorful lights, essential oils, drumming, singing bowls, chanting, group activities, affirmations, and haiku. Whew! All that in one breath!

Jack Kirven

Owner, INTEGR8T Wellness™

The Book

Frequently when I offer the group workshops,
there are people who say something like,
“The haiku flew by in the soundtrack!
I wish I could have more time to ponder them.”
Et voilà ! Now they can.

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