Manipura is the chakra of action.

Manipura: The chakra of action

Also called the Solar Plexus, this energy vortex is located between your bellybutton and heart. You have probably heard the phrase, “I have a fire in my belly.” It means you are eager to do something, and that is appropriate. All action begins in your center. Before you can make any movement, you must first activate and stabilize your core (your “belly,” as it were). When it is healthy and aligned you will have momentum. Purpose, ambition, concentration, and focus are burning in your stomach — you feed the flame of action with intention.

When it is misaligned your embers burn low with apathy, lethargy, distraction, and self-imposed obstacles. But is there too much energy exhausting your fuel, or not enough energy tending it?

The third cycle of The 49 Professions of Joy redefines how you create encouragement and motivation. I do not want you to take that as an invitation to work yourself to death. Far from it. I want you to be fed and nourished by your activities, not consumed by them. These are not Professions of workaholism.

We build legacies with actions. Aspirations are air feeding your flame, but you must enact them. Whether you have too many or too few, write aspirations down. You can definitely have too much or too little going on in your head to let your body act. Keep some kind of recorded journal handy, whether it be written, typed, or audio recorded notes. Avoid puffing or snuffing your industrious fire out.


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