Vishudha is the chakra of communication.

Vishudha: The chakra of communication

Also called the Throat Chakra, this energy vortex is located in your throat. If you consider that what you say can breathe new life into a conversation, you will understand the connection to the Air Elemental. But let us not restrict “I SAY” to only the words we utter. You express yourself in many ways, both verbally and nonverbally. Your body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice carry meaning. Words you write are not always read aloud. Poetry, art, music, dance, and all forms of creativity allow you to express yourself. When it is healthy and aligned you will communicate clearly. Inspiration, communication, clarity, and motivation can all float on the breezes you blow from your mouth.

When it is misaligned your words become gales of discouragement, confusion, censorship, or conflict. But is there too much energy spinning out hurricanes, or not enough energy stagnating each breath?

The fifth cycle of The 49 Professions of Joy redefines how you express ideas. Do you have conversations or exchange concepts efficiently and productively? Do you interrupt or dominate others? Avoid gossip. Bullying injures everyone involved. Create the art that contextualizes your ideas. How do you get past writer’s block?

This “sticks and stones” comparison with words is entirely inaccurate, and frankly ignorant. The idea that “words will never harm me,” is essentially a lie unto itself. That is a dysfunction within our culture’s collective Vishudha experience. Words are not meaningless. They are extraordinarily powerful. Denying this invites and sustains energetic imbalances.


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